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Communist symbol
Legal disclaimer
This image is or contains a symbol or symbols prohibited by law in the nations mentioned below, due to (variously) representations of communism, socialism, or similar governmental structures; or of parties/organizations associated with said:

Bans no longer in effect include:

Imagery covered may include the hammer and sickleen, red star, emblems/insignias, flags or images of leaders.
Беларуская: Сцяг Беларускай ССР, 1951-1991
Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Сьцяг Беларускай ССР, 1951-1991
Avots Paša darbs See here.
Autors Zscout370, reworked by Pianist
(Šī faila izmantošana citur)
Public domain This work is not an object of copyright according to the Law of the Belarus No. 370-XIII of May 16, 1996 on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights.

Article 8. Works that are not Objects of Copyright

  1. Shall not be objects of copyright:
    • formal documents (laws, judgements, other texts of legal, administrative and judicial nature), and also their official translations;
    • state symbols and signs (flag, coat of arms, anthem, awards, banknotes and other signs[1]);
    • works of folk arts, authors of which are not known.
  2. Copyright does not cover ideas, processes, systems, methods of operation, concepts, principles, discoveries or simply information as such, even if they are expressed, reflected, explained or embodied in the work.

Full text of the Law: in Russian, in English.

  1. Postage stamps are state signs according to the Article 1 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 258-З of December 15, 2003 on Mail Service (ru) почтовая марка – государственный знак почтовой оплаты, отпечатанный на бумаге и имеющий художественное изображение, а также надписи «БЕЛАРУСЬ», «BELARUS», год выпуска (арабскими цифрами) и номинальную стоимость (арабскими цифрами). Допускается литерное обозначение номинальной стоимости почтовой марки;
Coat of arms of Belarus.svg

Comment – According to interstate and international compacts the Republic of Belarus is the legal successor of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, therefore this license tag is also applicable to official symbols and formal documents of the Byelorussian SSR.

Warning – This license tag cannot be applied to proposed official symbols and drafts of the formal documents, which can be copyrighted.

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This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status.
It is easy to put a border around this flag image
Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg
[[File:Flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.svg|border|96px]]

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tagadējais2018. gada 28. oktobris, plkst. 03.542018. gada 28. oktobris, plkst. 03.54 versijas sīktēls900 × 450 (4 KB)Thespoondragonnew hammer and sickle
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2018. gada 27. marts, plkst. 18.342018. gada 27. marts, plkst. 18.34 versijas sīktēls800 × 400 (10 KB)FreshCorp619updated hammer and sickle/color
2016. gada 9. jūnijs, plkst. 17.182016. gada 9. jūnijs, plkst. 17.18 versijas sīktēls900 × 450 (5 KB)EricmetroSource: Гербы и Флаги СССР, 1972
2014. gada 10. jūlijs, plkst. 00.282014. gada 10. jūlijs, plkst. 00.28 versijas sīktēls900 × 450 (2 KB)SiBr4Code
2013. gada 30. jūnijs, plkst. 08.222013. gada 30. jūnijs, plkst. 08.22 versijas sīktēls600 × 300 (12 KB)EricmetroUnified the hammer and sickle with the union flag.
2008. gada 9. janvāris, plkst. 04.012008. gada 9. janvāris, plkst. 04.01 versijas sīktēls600 × 300 (10 KB)Pianistcorrect proportions and colors according to «ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ О ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОМ ФЛАГЕ БЕЛОРУССКОЙ ССР»
2006. gada 16. decembris, plkst. 00.132006. gada 16. decembris, plkst. 00.13 versijas sīktēls868 × 434 (16 KB)Zscout370More tweeking
2006. gada 24. februāris, plkst. 04.182006. gada 24. februāris, plkst. 04.18 versijas sīktēls868 × 434 (15 KB)Zscout370I changed the colors, took the image Flag of Belarus.svg and fixed it up, according to "PSRS gerboni un karogi" (1987, authored by Evalds Strods)
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