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Named parameters[labot pirmkodu]

Text to be appended after the year, with a space in between.

For the parameters below, passing in any non-empty text will produce the same result, so as a matter of style, only pass in "y" (without quotes).

Text must not be linked.
Text must be in "yyyy—yyyy" format.
The 1999—2000 season is to be displayed as "1999—00" instead of "1999—2000".
The link target should direct to a BAA season article.

Examples[labot pirmkodu]

  • {{NBA Year|1998}}1998—1999
  • {{NBA Year|1998|full=y}}1998—1999
  • {{NBA Year|1998|full=y|nolink=y}} → 1998—1999

Bad examples[labot pirmkodu]

  • For style, only pass in "y" for the optional parameters: {{NBA Year|1999|nolink=NO}} → 1999—2000
  • full and trunc conflict: {{NBA Year|1999|full=y|trunc=y}}1999—2000
  • start/end and nolink are incompatible: {{NBA Year|1999|start|nolink=y}} → 1999—2000
  • trunc is useless for years other than 1999: {{NBA Year|1998|trunc=y}}1998—1999
  • full is useless for 1999: {{NBA Year|1999|full=y}}1999—2000