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[skatīt] [labot] Dokumentācija
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The {{Navboxes}} template is used to group several navigation boxes together.

Parameters[labot šo sadaļu | labot pirmkodu]

title (optional)

Alternate text to be placed in title box, defaults to "Links to related articles".

state (optional)

collapsed to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state, this is the default state
expanded to show this template in its expanded (fully visible) state
autocollapse to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state only if there is another collapsible template on the page

list (required)

list of the templates to be grouped

Usage[labot šo sadaļu | labot pirmkodu]

Blank syntax
|title = <!-- optional, default is "Links to related articles" -->
 |titlestyle = <!-- optional -->
|state = <!-- optional, default is collapsed -->
|list1 = <!-- required, or |list= -->