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Veidne:Valodas infokaste

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Dokumentācijas ikona Veidnes dokumentācija[skatīt] [labot] [hronoloģija] [pārlādēt]
{{Valodas infokaste
 |name          = name of language #REQUIRED
 |nativename    = native name of the language
 |pronunciation = IPA pronunciation of the native name
 |states        = countries in which it is mainly spoken
 |region        = geographic region in which it is mainly spoken
 |latd=  | latm= | latNS = <!-- latitude degree/min/dir-->
 |longd= |longm= |longEW = <!-- longitude deg/min/dir-->
 |speakers      = the number of speakers of the language
 |iso1          = the ISO 639-1 code for the language
 |iso2          = the ISO 639-2 code for the language
 |iso2b         = the ISO 639-2 bibliographic code
 |iso2t         =  the ISO 639-2 terminological code
 |iso3          = the ISO 639-3 code for the language
 |familycolor   = appropriate language family #REQUIRED
 |fam1          = the broadest possible widely accepted [[language family]] of which the language is a part.
 |fam2          = a more specific sub-family
 |fam15         = most specific sub group
 |family        = whatever you want to say
 |script        = the writing system(s) used to represent the language
 |rank          = language's ranking in the 'list of languages by number of native speakers'
 |nation        = list of countries in which it is an official language
 |minority      = list of countries in which it is a recognised minority language
 |agency        = regulatory body or language academy for the language
 |extinct       = date of extinction, or information about extinction
 |lc1           = language code of the first dialect
 |ld1           = name of the first language dialect
 |ll1           = link to the Wikipedia article on that dialect
 |signers       = number of people who sign that language
 |creator       = name of language creator
 |date          = year of first creation
 |setting       = the use or setting for the language
 |posteriori    = natural-language sources
 |caption       = very simple description of image
 |image         = [[File:image name.png|center|200px|alt=Alt text|Caption]]
 |map           = [[File:image name.png|center|thumb|300px|alt=Alt text|Caption]]
 |notice        = Indic
 |notice        = nonotice