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Bot flag[labot pirmkodu]

Please request a bot flag here. --SpeedKing (runāt) 10:54, 11 jūnijā, 2009 (UTC)

xqbot has a global bot flag and I thought that global bots are allowed on this wiki, isn't it? --Xqt 14:46, 11 jūnijā, 2009 (UTC)
Not yet, it seems. lv.wiki is not in the list and your edits are visible in the recent changes page. --SpeedKing (runāt) 14:55, 11 jūnijā, 2009 (UTC)
lv-wiki is listed at Proposed Implementation wiht global bot and automatic approval as both allowed. But the implementation of global rights for the local wiki should be done by a steward but is just pending (see m:User talk:Laaknor #Bot policy/Implementation#Proposed implementation). Of course, I can still request for a local flag. But is it still necessary? --Xqt 18:09, 11 jūnijā, 2009 (UTC)