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    Hello, I'm member of the marketing department of ATTA CENTRE. While making ATTA CENTRE wiki page I used official web site as the main source. But page recently was deleted (several times) for copyright infringement. So I would like to ask what kind of evidence do I need, to prove the fact that I'm an employee of ATTA CENTRE and I have full right to use any kind of information connected with this conference centre? Sabinasepela (diskusija) 2022. gada 8. septembris, plkst. 12.06 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]

    Hello, you, being or not being an employee of this center, do not have any rights to use texts, published on its site, in Wikipedia. They must be rewritten to respect copyright. In addition, they are in an unacceptable promotional style for an encyclopedia and would have been removed as advertising even if they were original. -- Egilus (diskusija) 2022. gada 8. septembris, plkst. 12.27 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]