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Cross-wiki spam[labot pirmkodu]

Egilus Sorry for not speaking lv. Please, see d:Wikidata:Project chat#Boushaki family. Paucabot (diskusija) 2023. gada 5. novembris, plkst. 23.48 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]

Thanks. However, I see at least 8 books written by the subject of this article and not self-published - it gives enough notability in our Wiki, even for non-Latvian writers. The main problem of this article, to my mind, is low quality of Latvian language, which can be reason for deleting, if nobody will edit it. I'm agree that it is a cross-wiki spam, but it is a moral, not technical trouble. -- Egilus (diskusija) 2023. gada 6. novembris, plkst. 06.03 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
Egilus I have expanded it at d:Wikidata:Project chat#Boushaki family. You should check it to see the whole dimension of the problem. Thanks in advance. Paucabot (diskusija) 2023. gada 7. novembris, plkst. 08.47 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
I already realized at the start that there was a whole gang there, but the situation here is somewhat different - conflicts of interest are common in our Wikipedia (I assume that this is generally typical for small Wikipedias), so we are used to this and are more concerned about maintaining objectivity than to strictly adhere to non-involvement. However, there are also problems with objectivity in the article.
However, this article will probably be removed for bad language. I could correct him, but I have no interest in doing so. -- Egilus (diskusija) 2023. gada 7. novembris, plkst. 18.28 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]