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Cross-wiki spam[labot pirmkodu]

DJ EV As you can see in ca:Discussió:Mustapha Ishak Boushaki#Currículum, this article is the result of cross-wiki spam that means it is now present on 110 sites throughout Wikimedia. Apologies for writing in English. Paucabot (diskusija) 2023. gada 2. novembris, plkst. 20.50 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]

This article was created by trusted local user and administrator, so cross-wiki spam is not a valid reason for deletion (and it also is not machine translated). If you have other reasons this article should be deleted (for example, lack of notablility or other factors) you can mention them.--DJ EV (diskusija) 2023. gada 2. novembris, plkst. 22.19 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
DJ EV I'm sorry. I didn't know that this was the user's home wiki. I have been warning of the cross-wiki spam in more than a hundred wikipedias and so far, more than thirty have deleted this article as you can see here.
If cross-wiki spam is not enough to delete it (I acknowledge it's not machine-translated), I think it is perfectly fitted for deletion due to lack of notability. You don't have any references here, but you can look at the interwikis and you will only find a) works written by this person b) news talking about this person from his own university and c) sources that don't even mention him.
More info: d:Wikidata:Project chat#Boushaki family. Paucabot (diskusija) 2023. gada 5. novembris, plkst. 21.58 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
Now I'm thinking: maybe the reason why Treisijs wrote this article in your wiki is because it was the one that had the most interwikis you had not here. In my wiki, another user, wrote the article in absolute good faith and we had to delete it the following day. Paucabot (diskusija) 2023. gada 5. novembris, plkst. 22.06 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
Ok, now I see, I appreciate your research. I agree that notability is really doubtful and will nominate the article for deletion on these basis.--DJ EV (diskusija) 2023. gada 6. novembris, plkst. 15.47 (EET)Atbildēt[atbildēt]