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Module that automatically makes a mapframe suitable for an infobox automatically, with minimal user input.

Generic usage

Just use the template {{Infobox mapframe}}, following the documentation there. This module may also be imported to another Lua module.

Automatic maps in infoboxes

Example edits: Template:Infobox prison, Template:Infobox prison/doc

Edit the infobox template (or its sandbox). Add lines like the following examples to the infobox. Replace numbers (4, or 97 to 99), with the appropriate number based on how many other image or data parameters are already present.

If placing near the top of infobox If placing at/near the bottom of the infobox
| image4     = {{#invoke:Infobox mapframe|auto}}
| caption4   = {{#invoke:Infobox mapframe|autocaption}}
| header97   = {{#if:{{{mapframe|}}}|Location}}
| data98     = {{#invoke:Infobox mapframe|auto}}
| data99     = {{#invoke:Infobox mapframe|autocaption}}

If the template has a {{#invoke:Check for unknown parameters}}, add the following parameters:

| mapframe | mapframe-caption | mapframe-custom | mapframe-id | mapframe-coord | mapframe-wikidata | mapframe-point | mapframe-shape | mapframe-frame-width | mapframe-frame-height | mapframe-shape-fill | mapframe-shape-fill-opacity | mapframe-stroke-color | mapframe-stroke-colour | mapframe-stroke-width | mapframe-marker | mapframe-marker-color | mapframe-marker-colour | mapframe-geomask | mapframe-geomask-stroke-color | mapframe-geomask-stroke-colour | mapframe-geomask-stroke-width | mapframe-geomask-fill | mapframe-geomask-fill-opacity | mapframe-zoom | mapframe-length_km | mapframe-length_mi | mapframe-area_km2 | mapframe-area_mi2 | mapframe-frame-coordinates | mapframe-frame-coord | mapframe-switcher

Once this is done, the above parameters will be available to users of the template.

  • Defaults values for these parameters can also be specified in the #invoke calls above, e.g. {{#invoke:Infobox mapframe|auto|mapframe-marker=library}} means that the library marker will be used, unless a different value is passed in to the template.
  • The maps are off by default, which means maps will not be displayed unless |mapframe=yes is present in the template call. To turn maps on by default, in the #invoke calls above add |onByDefault=yes – which means maps will be displayed unless |mapframe=no is present in the template call. onByDefault can also be set to a conditional, such as if another parameters is present, e.g. |onByDefault={{#if:{{{pushpin_map|}}}|no|yes}}
  • Add the new parameters to the document. You can use {{Infobox mapframe/doc/parameters}}. Specify default values (if any are used in the #invoke calls) using by adding parameters in the form Veidne:Ttparameter-nameVeidne:Ttvalue. The default output is shown here collapsed:

Veidne:Cot Veidne:Infobox mapframe/doc/parameters Veidne:Cob

  • Parameters can also be added to the TemplateData can also be added by copy-pasting from Veidne:Edit

See also

local mf = require('Module:Mapframe')

function setCleanArgs(argsTable)
	local cleanArgs = {}
	for key, val in pairs(argsTable) do
		if type(val) == 'string' then
			val = val:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')
			if val ~= '' then
				cleanArgs[key] = val
			cleanArgs[key] = val
	return cleanArgs

function hasWikidataProperty(item_id, property_id)
	if not(item_id) or not(mw.wikibase.isValidEntityId(item_id)) or not(mw.wikibase.entityExists(item_id)) then
		return false
	local statements = mw.wikibase.getBestStatements(item_id, property_id)
	if not statements or #statements == 0 then
		return false
	local hasNoValue = ( statements[1].mainsnak and statements[1].mainsnak.snaktype == 'novalue' )
	if hasNoValue then
		return false
	return true

function getZoom(length_km)
	-- max for zoom 2 is 6400km, for zoom 3 is 3200km, for zoom 4 is 1600km, etc
	local zoom = math.floor(8 - (math.log10(length_km) - 2)/(math.log10(2)))
	-- limit to values between 1 and 17
	return math.max(1, math.min(17, zoom))

local p = {}

p.main = function(frame)
	local parent = frame.getParent(frame)
	local parentArgs = parent.args
	local mapframe = p._main(parentArgs)
	return frame:preprocess(mapframe)

p._main = function(_config)
	local config = setCleanArgs(_config)
	local wikidataId = or mw.wikibase.getEntityIdForCurrentPage()
	if not wikidataId then
		return ''

	-- Require wikidata item with coords, so something will be centred somewhere
	local hasCoordinates = hasWikidataProperty(wikidataId, 'P625') -- P625 = coordinate location
	if not hasCoordinates then  
		return ''

	-- arguments for mapframe module
	local args = {}

	-- Some defaults/overrides for infobox presentation
	args.display = "inline"
	args.frame = "yes"
	args.plain = "yes"
	args["frame-width"]  = config["frame-width"] or "270"
	args["frame-height"] = config["frame-height"] or "200"
	args["frame-align"]  = "center"

	args["frame-coord"] = config["frame-coordinates"] or config["frame-coord"] or ""
	-- Note: config["coordinates"] or config["coord"] should not be used for the alignment of the frame;
	-- see talk page ( )

	-- deprecated lat and long parameters
	args["frame-lat"]    = config["frame-lat"] or config["frame-latitude"] or ""
	args["frame-long"]   = config["frame-long"] or config["frame-longitude"] or ""

	-- Calculate zoom from length or area (converted to km or km2)
	if config.length_km then
		args.zoom = getZoom(tonumber(config.length_km))
	elseif config.length_mi then
		args.zoom = getZoom(tonumber(config.length_mi)*1.609344)
	elseif config.area_km2 then
		args.zoom = getZoom(math.sqrt(tonumber(config.area_km2)))
	elseif config.area_mi2 then
		args.zoom = getZoom(math.sqrt(tonumber(config.area_mi2))*1.609344)
		args.zoom = config.zoom or 10

	-- Shape
	args.type = "shape"
	if then = end
	args["stroke-width"] = config["shape-stroke-width"] or config["stroke-width"] or "3"
	args["stroke-color"] = config["shape-stroke-color"] or config["shape-stroke-colour"] or config["stroke-color"] or config["stroke-colour"] or "#FF0000"

	-- Line
	args.type2 = "line"
	if then args.id2 = end
	args["stroke-width2"] = config["line-stroke-width"] or config["stroke-width"] or "5"
	args["stroke-color2"] = config["line-stroke-color"] or config["line-stroke-colour"] or config["stroke-color"] or config["stroke-colour"] or "#FF0000"

	-- Point
	local hasOsmRelationId = hasWikidataProperty(wikidataId, 'P402') -- P402 is OSM relation ID
	local shouldShowPointMarker = not(hasOsmRelationId) or (config.marker and config.marker ~= 'none')
	if shouldShowPointMarker then
		args.type3 = "point"
		if then args.id3 = end
		if config.marker then args.marker3 = config.marker end
		args["marker-color3"] = config["marker-color"] or config["marker-colour"] or "#5E74F3"
	local mapframe = mf._main(args)
	--local tracking = hasOsmRelationId and '' or '[[Category:Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata]]'
	return mapframe-- .. tracking

return p