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Code[labot pirmkodu]

{{Infobox electronic component
| name              =
| image             =
| caption           =
| type              =
| working_principle =
| invented          =
| first_produced    =
| pins              =
| symbol            =
| symbol_caption    =

Details[labot pirmkodu]

  • name: Name of the component
  • image: A photograph of the component. It works best at 225px width, for example [[File:RBG-LED.jpg|225px]]
  • caption: A brief caption for the image.
  • type: A general category for the component - similar to the heading in a supplier's catalogue.
  • working_principle: The physical phenomenon upon which the component is based.
  • invented: The name of the inventor of the first practical device, and the date.
  • first_produced: The date of first introduction to the market.
  • pins: List of the standard pin layout. Probably more useful for ICs.
  • symbol: The standard circuit symbol for the device. Major regional variations in symbols may be included.
  • symbol_caption: A brief caption that explains sections of the symbol. Optional.

Example[labot pirmkodu]

Light-emitting diode
Red, green and blue LEDs of the 5mm type
Tips Passive, optoelectronic
Darbības princips Electroluminescence
Izgudrots Nick Holonyak Jr. (1962)
Pinu konfigurācija Anode and Cathode
Elektroniskais simbols
LED symbol.svg
{{Infobox electronic component
 | name              = Light-emitting diode
 | image             = RBG-LED.jpg
 | caption           = Red, green and blue LEDs of the 5mm type
 | type              = [[Passive component|Passive]], [[optoelectronic]]
 | working_principle = [[Electroluminescence]]
 | invented          = [[Nick Holonyak Jr.]] (1962)
 | first_produced    =
 | pins              = [[Anode]] and [[Cathode]]
 | symbol            = [[File:LED symbol.svg]]
 | symbol_caption    =

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