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tibetiešu: {{{1}}}Values:

  • c for conventional phonetic spelling
  • t for the name in Tibetan characters
  • w for the transliteration of the Tibetan name according to Wylie romanisation
  • z for the spelling in the PRC's Tibetan Pinyin (Zangwen Pinyin)
  • l for the pronunciation in the Lhasa dialect, given in the International Phonetic Alphabet

At current, the only mandatory portion is that the formatting will be off if you don't include a value for t or w (use Template:bo-wo to include only the Tibetan Pinyin). Also note that "c" is currently non-functional because of formatting problems. Just include the conventional spelling as part of the value for "t", separated from the Tibetan spelling by a comma.

By default, the [[Tibetan]] link is directed to Tibetan script. If you would like it to point to Tibetan language instead (which is appropriate if you are including a conventional spelling or anything else other than Tibetan script), set lang to "yes" or "1".


'''Vimalamitra''' ({{val-bo|t=Drime Shenyen, དྲི་མེད་བཤེས་གཉེན་|w=Dri-med Bshes-gnyen|z=Chimê Xê'nyên|l=ʈʂʰìmeʔ ɕèɲẽ|lang=yes}})


Vimalamitra (tibetiešu: {{{1}}}tibetiešu: Drime Shenyen, དྲི་མེད་བཤེས་གཉེན་Vailija tr.: Dri-med Bshes-gnyen; tib. piņ.: Chimê Xê'nyên; Lhasas dialekts IPA: [ʈʂʰìmeʔ ɕèɲẽ])