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NoW[labot pirmkodu]

Hi! If you want to help Wikipedia, you might want to have a look to this page! Thierry Caro (diskusija) 20:16, 27 jūnijā, 2015 (EEST)

Yes, if people want to ignore how Wikipedia gets damaged, they must have a look there.
What happens if a vandal vandalises a page on Wikipedia? You take action or you create awareness so it gets fixed. If a government has the intention to vandalise (like censorship, or other things that directly hurt the mission of Wikipedia), there are no admin buttons to be used. Then the only thing that is possible is creating awareness. And that is the only thing that should be done: providing knowledge. Providing knowledge in the form of articles, but also providing knowledge how Wikipedia works and how quality is secured/arranged.
If Wikipedia gets damaged by a certain law, Wikipedia is no longer neutral, but becomes biased. Then Wikipedia lost.
And by the way, "Please think twice.'" is not enough. Matters like this needs to be thought through much more times.
If we ridiculing a serious treat, then Wikipedia loses. If we do not provide knowledge, Wikipedia gets sacrificed, and its neutrality gets sacrificed. Our only job is to provide knowledge, that is what this project should do as well only. Romaine (diskusija) 21:58, 27 jūnijā, 2015 (EEST)