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I'd like to mention that in Ipiķi village, also Estonian writer, poet and translator Rein Sepp lived both in his childhood (in Vingali farm, if I'm not mistaken), and during the last third of his life in Eglītis farm (1971-1995, as far as I know; local people might know better). He translated several epics into Estonian ("Elder Edda", "Younger Edda", "Nibelungenlied", "Beowulf") as well as German, English and Dutch classics (from Shakespeare to Schiller). I'd add a short sentence about him, but unfortunately, I can't speak (nor write) a single word in Latvian. So maybe someone else will, thank you very much. Maybe we could exchange hostages by adding more Latvian people into Estonian Wikipedia; I'd be glad to help. --Oop 23:04, 5 maijā, 2011 (UTC)

We usually avoid that kind of thing, though this might be interesting since you are our neighbors, if several articles are exchanged. Perhaps we should agree on particular requirements on article length/topic etc? ~~Xil (saruna) 23:28, 5 maijā, 2011 (UTC)
Concerning "that kind of thing": I think there is a basic flaw in Estonian-Latvian cultural relations, at least on this side (can't really speak for Latvia). As a journalist and translator, I have often been frustrated about the widespread lack of knowledge we have about each other as neighbours (e.g., most of the time Latvian news get into Estonian papers via Russian or English, because no one in the newsroom speaks Latvian; the amount of literary translations is also negligible, and I know very few people in Estonia who could name five living Latvian writers or painters by heart). In the same time, Estonians talk a lot about Finland, Russia, and even Sweden. Still, the basic aim of Wikipedia is to spread knowledge. If there is a lack of information about Latvia in Estonia, it would be possible to start by translating the most important articles from Latvian (as Latvian Wikipedia would most likely be a much better source than English or Russian Wikipedias), just as we would translate articles about China or South Africa (expanding them later by other sources). Also, it would be useful if we would have the help from each other on which articles would be most important to start with, to put things in right context - otherwise, we might end up writing articles about, e.g., every writer that has been translated into Estonian, regardless of their actual place in Latvian literature. Ah well, maybe I really am too idealistic. If two neighbours have no interest in talking to each other, maybe there is no sense in pushing them. --Oop 07:44, 6 maijā, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, I agree with you, but, I think you missed the whole point I made after "that kind of thing" - these rules are mainly meant to curb cross-wiki spam, people from other side of world asking us to write about their religion/school/favourite singer etc., which is bad thing in general because it boosts number of interwiki link making the matter appear very important - our wikipedia, and probably several others, has a list of important articles we don't have based solely on number of interwiki links. However you are wrong about quality of native information being better - we don't have all that good coverage on our culture, at times the English articles on Latvian writers are better than our own, though it of course is easier to spot errors here. Anyway, if you want to offer article exchange, I guess you should set up some ground rules on how to go about it and then see if other people are into it ~~Xil (saruna) 15:20, 6 maijā, 2011 (UTC)
I could not find Vingali farm using https://kartes.lgia.gov.lv/karte/ but I did find the Vidusigaļi farmstead located 2.1 km south of Ipiķi village on route 172. The name translates as Middle Gull. It is flanked by Kalnigaļi and Lejasigaļi whose names mean Upper Gull and Lower Gull. Could the prefix 'vidus' have been abbreviated, resulting in the name of the farm being written V.Igaļi? Tctwood (diskusija) 2020. gada 3. decembris, plkst. 05.59 (EET)
@Tctwood: Skatīt šeit. Jāpārslēdzas uz "Topogrāfiskā karte" vai "Topogrāfiskā karte (1921-1940)". --Kikos (diskusija) 2020. gada 3. decembris, plkst. 09.18 (EET)
@Kikos:I stand corrected. Tctwood (diskusija) 2020. gada 5. decembris, plkst. 07.42 (EET)