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That flag is the parish flag and not the village flag (i.e there should not be a flag and coat of arms in this article here, but only in the article Kanepi pagasts). All of this online voting part is true, but as "Kanepi" indeed means "cannabis", then it isn't that surprising why it was chosen by the committee as well. Back in the old times that plant was indeed widely cultivated, but for the production of hemp. Therefore in the parish page it also brings out that this plant was already used on the flag of Kanepi Song and Music Society at the first Estonian song festival in 1869. Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 9. maijs, plkst. 03.51 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]

OK, I will fix that. Just translated the English page. Papuass (diskusija) 2021. gada 10. maijs, plkst. 00.01 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
If you want to something for the article, then for instance:
  • Kanepi church was built 1806–1810. It is the only Lutheran church in Estonia, that doesn't have a cross or rooster at the top, but a star. Reference
  • First information about a school in Kanepi date back to 1680. The local parochial school was established in 1804 by Johann Philipp von Roth (1754–1818) and this is also the year that the local gymnasium considers its founding date. Reference
  • Kanepi Song and Music Society was founded in 1869 and it also took part in the first Estonian song festival in the same year. It built a local house of culture in 1887. Society was closed down in 1940. Ref for 1869 and 1940 Ref for 1887
Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 10. maijs, plkst. 01.28 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
Few more facts for the article :)
  • The village was first mentioned in written records in 1582 as Kanapieza. In 1925 there was a vote on if the name should be Kanepi or Kanapää. It is assumed that the name Kanepi comes from the plant name Cannabis (kanep in Estonian).
  • Kanepi old cemetery dates back to 1773 and the new cemetery to 1847. Both are regarded as heritage sites.
  • Lake Jõksi (Jeksi ezers) is situated directly north from Kanepi, and the western border of Kanepi is marked by Võhandu River (Vehandu), which flows out from the lake. Eastern border follows the Estonian national road 2. South from Kanepi is Erastvere village.
Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 11. maijs, plkst. 10.20 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
@Kruusamägi I award you a hemp-star for your efforts to improve Latvian coverage of Estonian villages. Papuass (diskusija) 2021. gada 11. maijs, plkst. 12.09 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
It can't come as a surprise to you, that Estonians are interested in getting better coverage of Estonia :P
We could even give out some special prize for the best Estonian-related article written during CEE Spring (if Latvians are interested). Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 11. maijs, plkst. 15.38 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
I added your special Estonian prize to the list of prize categories. Papuass (diskusija) 2021. gada 13. maijs, plkst. 11.05 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
And those few additional lines in the article? Why not aim for a prize yourself as well? :)
That could even be an idea for some future challenge: land competition between Estonia and Latvia. Who gets more articles about the other wins (I'm just not sure what exactly... besides the obvious of having more useful content in corresponding Wikipedia). Or just in a challenge format: one side writes an article about the other, thus challenging the other side to correspond with an article to match that up, and that in itself is a new challenge to the other side. Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 13. maijs, plkst. 18.10 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
@Papuass Your thoughts about that kind of "event"?
And please also promote this Estonian themered prize a bit :) And should I choose the winner or would you do that?
BTW: Võro wiki now had "Latvia" as a [permanent] "article of the week" in the 20th week of the year (i.e now). Kruusamägi (diskusija) 2021. gada 18. maijs, plkst. 19.28 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]
Sorry, I was busy writing about Alars Kotli, will add Kanepi facts later. I have not thought about the challenge yet. Papuass (diskusija) 2021. gada 19. maijs, plkst. 11.52 (EEST)Atbildēt[atbildēt]